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Adding Gifts to your profile

Adding gifts a form of "tipping"

Virtual gifts are a great way for your followers to support you financially. You will need to add your payout details before offering gifts.

Adding Gifts:

Log in to your profile editor

Scroll to the Virtual Gifts section and click 'Set up payout details' or if you have already added your payout details, proceed to step 3

Click '+’ in the Virtual Gifts section

Choose from the list animated gifts and click '+ Add this’

Set your price.

Click 'Publish Item'

Add more gifts by repeating the steps above

Removing or editing gifts:

Click the 'Gift' you want to edit

Change the Price
Choose who can see your gifts - Everyone, Your Followers, Only People you follow
Remove gift click 'Delete It here'
Then click 'Save Changes'

What to earn more by engaging with fans? Think about adding Direct Access to you your profile, learn more here. →

Updated on: 26/01/2021

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