What are Premium/Paid DM's?

Allow fans to pay to send you messages, choose whether to read or read and reply to each paid message. This is a great way to interact with live audiences; TikTok Live, Instagram Live, ect...

How to add a Premium DM's message

Log in to your Direct.me profile editor
Click '+ Add Item'
Select 'Direct Access'
In the section offer something else click '+ Create'
Choose Premium DM's click '+ Add this'
Set price
Choose; 'I just want to read messages' or 'I will reply to messages'
Choose who can purchase your item; 'Everyone', 'My Followers', 'People I follow'
Click 'Publish Item'
Click the toggle button to turn your link on/off

Optional Settings

Title: Add a custom title for your link (If left black we'll provide a default)
Description: Add a custom description for fans to read (If left black we'll provide a default)
Add an image: This will turn your button into a featured Item
Add instructions: If you need more information to complete your item add it here so fans know.
Total Limit: Enter the total number available or the number your willing to complete
Is this for businesses?: This setting mark that this item is only for business use only. (For example, you might want to list the same type of item but, have to two different prices for fans vs Companys or Brands.)

Need help with adding Direct Access? Please contact our customer support team or emailing support@direct.me
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