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Adding your links

Adding your links to your profile

Log in to your profile editor

Click Manage Page

Click '**+ Add Item**’

Select '**Add a link**’ - a link builder will appear below

Give your link a title, this will appear in the button on your

Next, add a URL

Add an image (optional see "adding an image to your button" below)

Your link will now be live on your profile

Click the toggle button to turn your link on/off

Adding an image to your button

From your profile editor

Click the  '**Add an image'**

Select an image from your device

Choose image position 'Icon' or 'Full Feature'

Sample "Icon" button (recommended size: 400px X 400px or 1:1 Ratio)

Sample "Full Featured" button (recommended size: 1200px X 600px or 2:1 Ratio)

Next step: Learn how to add and share your URL, click here to learn how →


What to do if your link is not showing on your profile.
If a link is not displaying on your it could be due to the following:

You have not added a title
Your link toggle is switched to 'off'
You have not added a valid URL (make sure to add http:// or https:// before the URL)
The link you have entered is considered too unsafe or malicious

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Updated on: 19/08/2022

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