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Changing the appearance of your profile

Adding Themes or customizing your profile

Login to you profile editor

Click 'Appearance' on the top menu

Choose 'Themes' or 'Create your own theme'

For Themes

Hover or click on a theme choose to 'Use Theme' this will automatically apply the theme. To preview how the theme will look click 'Preview' you will need to close the theme and click 'Use Theme' if you want to apply the previewed theme.

Create your own theme (Advanced Branding)

Start from scratch or tweak a theme

Add Background: Choose a color or add 'Background image'
Choose Item Color: This will be the color of your links.
Item Style: This is the shape of your button links and the effect if you hover or click them.
Highlight color: This is used for icons, your follow button and other highlighted elements.
Font: Chose a font for your entire profile.
Font Color: This is the text color will be used for your links.
Bio Color: This color will be used on your name, bio and any other text that overlays your background.
Click 'Save Custom Theme'

To ensure your profile is themed the way you want it make sure you preview it by visiting your URL ei.

Updated on: 27/01/2021

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