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Growing your audience

It’s important to maintain a consistent brand personality and look. Style your profile in a way that your followers will easily recognize you and your brand. No matter what you want to achieve, it’s important to maintain a consistent brand personality and look.

Styling your theme to match your brand:

Log in to your profile editor

Click 'Appearance’ on the top menu

Choose one of our premium 'Themes' or 'Create your own theme'

Ask fans to follow you on and always keep followers informed. Your link in your bio helps current and non-followers explore you everywhere. Growing followers on will allow you the freedom to join or even leave a platform and take those followers with you.

By using to send followers to your different platforms you invite users to follow you on multiple platforms which increases your reach and brand value.

Example: When a follower visits your Instagram and using your link to advertise your new TikTok video you dramatically increase the chance of that user following you now on multiple platforms.
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