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What is Direct Access?

Earn from Direct Access

Create unique ways to earn from engaging with your followers. List items of your choosing and create massive earning opportunity from all of your highly engaged audiences, across all major social platforms and verticals.

What can you offer with Direct Access?

Video Messages - Followers can purchase a short video (or audio) message from you.
Premium DM's - Allow your followers to pay to send you messages
Social Action - Sell social media shoutouts, follow backs and more
Phone Call - We will connect you privately to your buyer for a short phone call.
Video Call - Sell a short video call on whatever platform you choose.
Digital Product - Instantly delivered; Video, Picture, Audio, PDF, and more.
Physical Product - Sell unique and exclusive products such as autographed photos.
Custom Item... - This option allows you to offer something specifically geared to you and or your fans.

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Updated on: 26/01/2021

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